“DJ + Hang Drum” – Skratch Bastid x Karim Khneisser, Beirut 2018

Buy this track: https://skratchbastid.bandcamp.com/track/beirut-2056-skratch-bastid-x-karim-khneisser

I recently had the tremendous pleasure of playing and visiting Beirut, Lebanon for the first time. What an electric city! The people, the parties, the food… all incredible. While I was there, I was put in touch with multi-instrumentalist Karim Khneisser, and we decided to work on a collaboration. We got together one day to discuss the “shape” of an improv piece, gathered our tools, and headed to his studio to record this video. The turntables meet the hang drum. Not much else to say except: Watch, listen, and enjoy!

Thank you to Red Bull Music Academy, Red Bull Lebanon, and Sam Wahab who made this collaboration possible.