NEW MIX: Dinner & A Mixtape 04/12/18

On Tuesday, Dec 4th, 2018, DJ Neil Armstrong, Skratch Bastid, and Remy Martin’s Enjoy Music presented Dinner & A Mixtape in Toronto at Baro. It was a smash! Between the pre-party, the serving, the food itself, the afterparty, and the music throughout the evening, it was certainly a night where “you had to be there”. But fret not! We’ve got a little something to help you imagine what it was like if you weren’t in attendance…

This is the mix Skratch Bastid prepared for the evening; it accompanied the appetizers & starters served from Baro head chef Steve Gonzalez’s Colombian-inspired menu. This mix, as well as DJ Neil Armstrong’s mix & Steve Gonzalez’s recipes for the menu, were presented to all dinner guests on a mixtape-USB. Check your local eBay listings for that one, but for now, enjoy this mix featuring Hip-Hop, Colombian/Latin American grooves, and Dancehall. 45 minutes of flavour.

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