Skratch Bastid – Mix: “The Starter Era” (Dope Raps 1989-1993)

60 minutes of hip-hop classics sliced and diced to the chef’s liking. The Starter Era – Dope Raps 1989-1993. Listen above on Bandcamp, and support by downloading or buying a CD. did a collaboration with Bastid’s BBQ to bring you an exclusive pin to go along with your fresh new Starter hat for the summer. Check out their website for more info. The collab brought back memories of making this Starter Era mix for Sneaker Freaker magazine, so I recreated the intro in this video to tie it all together (again!)

Issue #22 of international kick-head bible Sneaker Freaker featured a 17-page spotlight on Starter athletic wear and how it changed the sports fashion game. To accompany the story, Skratch Bastid made a mix featuring rap jams from Starter’s prime, 1989-1993, to be included with the magazine in physical form. It features classic & overlooked bangers from one of hip-hop’s golden eras, alongside some of the original tunes they sampled and exclusive remixes. You’ll know what’s going down from the intro. Enjoy.