Skratch Bastid – #TheBoxChallenge #SkratchSchool #RoddyRicch

Skratch Bastid – #TheBoxChallenge #SkratchSchool

Skratch Bastid – #TheBoxChallenge – Freestyle over Roddy Ricch’s new heater. This has been my daily practice beat for most of this year. I was cutting over it leading up to NAMM to keep sharp amongst the sharks, and dropped some styles over it to end my set at the BPM Supreme NAMM party to great response from Q-Bert. That’s about all the affirmation I need in this life. So let’s make a video, eh? 117/58.5 BPM. Get in where you fit in.

If you’re a DJ and want to rock with it too, head over to and grab the instrumental & join #TheBoxChallenge #SkratchSchool