Skratch Bastid & Cosmo Baker

Songs We Listened To A Lot in 2022

About the Mix

A collection of Songs We Listened To A Lot in 2021 by Skratch Bastid & Cosmo Baker. An annual tradition. 47 days into 2022, but the songs are timeless. That's our excuse, anyway!

For real, though - these songs are ones that caught our attention, came into our lives and stayed, came back into our lives from another time in our lives, or for any reason at all crossed our speakers & minds a lot in 2021 all without any boundary of release date, genre, or style. Just the simple classification that they were played a lot on our personal time, in our livestreams, and shared with our friends & family during the unique year of 2021.

We hope you find some that stick with you for years to come.

Bastid and Cosmo: SWLTAI22 on Tuesday Morning Coffee

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